Why 360 feedback is crucial for sales teams

Will Sigsworth
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The recognition that comes with positive 360-degree feedback can improve staff morale and retention.

Almost half of the respondents in a recent Bonusly survey said they’ve left a job due to feeling underappreciated. In contrast, 65% said that recognition from a manager would motivate them to work harder.

Positive peer-to-peer feedback – something the 360 feedback process enables that other appraisal methods don’t – is just as powerful. Two-thirds of Bonusly’s respondents said they’d likely stay at a job with an under-appreciative manager as long as their coworkers still recognized their work.

Our State of Sales and Marketing report revealed how much impact poor management can have to company success. 

Over 40% of respondents who didn’t reach their sales target last year (and never or rarely hit their regular sales quota) believe that leadership and management in their company requires improvement.

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