Does Pipedrive support different types of Deals?

Hey there,

I work for a consultancy/staffing agency, and I’m using Pipedrive to manage both sales and recruiting. Therefore, I work with two pipelines: 

1)  A pipeline to manage the sales process of our customers

2)  A pipeline to manage the recruiting process of new consultants

This is pretty okay, but there’s one challenge. All mandatory + customized fields I have for sales Deals and for recruiting Deals are being shared.

For sales Deals, I have for example the customized fields: ‘Requested service’ and ‘Deal value calculation’.

For recruiting Deals, I have for example the customized fields: ‘Salary level’ and ‘Notice period’.

Problem: All fields are being shown in both sales deals and recruiting deals.

So, my question is: Would it be possible to create two different Deal types, where I can define which fields there should be in each of them?




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  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant -
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    You can play around with important and required field settings though.

  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant -
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    Hi @Martin Skou - As a software engineer I can understand the complexity involved in making this available at the core level, but I am sure an easy option would be to make some fields 'unavailable' at the pipeline level. The implementation would be very much like the Required and Important fields functionality.

    Our hope is that the engineering team is taking these suggestions into consideration. :)


  • Thanks Amit

    I think that this is a feature that should be available in Pipedrive. I assume that there are many users who are operating with several pipelines, each with the need of specific fields.

    Kind regards


  • Hi @Amit Sarda. When I make some fields 'unavailable' in a deal at the pipeline level, these fields also become unavailable in the Deals in my other pipeline.