Does Pipedrive support different types of Deals?

Hey there,

I work for a consultancy/staffing agency, and I’m using Pipedrive to manage both sales and recruiting. Therefore, I work with two pipelines: 

1)  A pipeline to manage the sales process of our customers

2)  A pipeline to manage the recruiting process of new consultants

This is pretty okay, but there’s one challenge. All mandatory + customized fields I have for sales Deals and for recruiting Deals are being shared.

For sales Deals, I have for example the customized fields: ‘Requested service’ and ‘Deal value calculation’.

For recruiting Deals, I have for example the customized fields: ‘Salary level’ and ‘Notice period’.

Problem: All fields are being shown in both sales deals and recruiting deals.

So, my question is: Would it be possible to create two different Deal types, where I can define which fields there should be in each of them?




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  • Thanks Amit

    I think that this is a feature that should be available in Pipedrive. I assume that there are many users who are operating with several pipelines, each with the need of specific fields.

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  • Hi @Amit Sarda. When I make some fields 'unavailable' in a deal at the pipeline level, these fields also become unavailable in the Deals in my other pipeline.