What is the easiest way to get a Persona out of your won deals?

Has anyone found a way to identify the persona of your own deals? e.g. statistics on won deals per company size, per industry, per position in the company of the buyer?

Maybe there's an add-on I did not see? I'll happily pay for a solution that helps with this


  • A lot of effort would be required to characterize the persona, i.e., capturing multiple data points about the deal/customer. Once done, it would be very easy to visualize the data for won deals in a tool like Tableau, across various cross sections/sgements of the data.

    Here's an article I have written about setting up a data pipeline for Pipedrive to be able to visualize the data in a tool like Tableau.

  • Hi @Anto

    Great question! Not something I have been asked before or seen on the community.

    As you've already explained what type of data is needed to produce a Persona, the main piece here is the data architecture in Pipedrive and how you would collate it and where.

    In the Professional plan you can report on custom fields within a Lead/Deal, at this time reporting on Contacts & Organisations isnt possible.

    With the custom field reporting on Leads/Deals you can collate the data above and start producing reports and insights.

    I dont know of any software solution that would do this differently.

    I hope this helps!