CLOSED: Your Pipedrive journey - Conversation about where and how did we help to boost your business

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Edit: Research concluded, thank you all for your interest.

I would love to hear your story about your WHYs = motivation to start using the CRM tool and the "business boosting" effect you see/track/measure in your company since you use it 🤔

Please share:

Your onboarding journey with Pipedrive, your wins and struggles during the new process set up, getting buy-in from your team, benefits you can see and track...

If you:

⏳️Have time (approx 45min) and are willing to share with me

📢Speak English or Czech (I am sorry I am not strong with another language:)

💪Are/was responsible for Pipedrive choosing/onboarding/setting it up for your team

Please book your slot and we will talk:

Thank you very much

Veronika Danielova

Product Manager

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