Best way to clean up contacts?

I wonder if there is a way to clean up contacts that have no relevance anymore.

I can't seem to use filters to find contacts that:

  1. Have no Deals associated with them
  2. Have no Activities associated with them

I would like to identify and clean up these contacts.

Why do we have these contacts in the first place? A long time ago, when it was still considered OK and worth the money, we purchased some decision maker contact details. We have a few hundred contacts that never responded to any of our approaches. In all likelihood, most of those contacts are now obsolete anyway due to changed orgs, they've been retired, etc.

Any tips on how to identify these "zombie" contacts?

Do you have other strategies of cleaning up irrelevant contacts that you could share?


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  • Jonas Rajanto
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    Thank you Amit! This fulfills one of my two criteria (no Deals associated with them).

    The reason I also need the filter "No Activities associated" is because we have programmatically added Activities to some contacts who are not part of any Deal. We have done this because not all our contacts are B2B contacts...

    Our B2C contacts have participated in one of our open trainings and may later convert to a B2B contact. We have added an Activity to signify which training they participated in and when. (I'm not sure this is best practice but I don't know of a better way to do this. We don't want to create 10 000 extra deals as only a small fraction of them convert to B2B later. Activities seemed like a low-noise solution.)

    Any idea how to make sure I don't delete contacts that have associated Activities?

  • Thanks again for the quick answer. 😍

    I made this filter and realized that some Contacts still have Notes - those we want to keep.

    I looked again and could not find a way to filter Contacts that do not have any Notes. How to do this?

  • OK, you lost me. 😅

    If I export Contacts with Notes into a spreadsheet (is this what you meant?) and identify contacts without notes... How do I then delete only those contacts from Pipedrive?

    By adding a label to those contacts perhaps? 🤔

    But I still don't get why I need to deduplicate contacts...

  • Jonas Rajanto
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    Oh, I see. If I export Notes, the export doesn't contain contact IDs... So I can't use the exported file to add labels to contacts 🤦‍♂️

    So yeah. I'm still at a loss as to how to proceed.

  • Hold on... I maybe got it 😆

    If I deduplicate contacts, that means that the Notes export Contact person field is unique and can then be used for importing data. Right? So then I could add a label HasNote to all those contacts by importing a file.

    Is that what the deduplication is for?