Do you need to set-up an SPF record for Campaigns?

Hello all,

This post is to help those that like us want to make sure they are as clean as can be to prevent spam filters from affecting their Pipedrive email campaigns.

This is what we asked of PipeDrive support about SPF records:

"We are setting up our domain for Campaigns using this page as a guide

and would like to establish a SPF record to allow Pipedrive IP addresses to send out using our domain as is defined here.

Can you provide us with the IP addresses of the Pipedrive email servers we believe we need to complete the full authentication?"

This is their response :


Thank you for the time that you have been waiting while I was looking into this with my team and confirming this information.

I understand your concern in regards to the email deliverability but, when it comes to Campaigns, our Users do not need to set up SPF on their domain because the return path is on our side. This means that Pipedrive sets it and it should always pass.

If, by any chance, you would have Campaigns being marked as Spam, this would be something that our team would have to look into but still, there would be no need to set up SPF; it's something that it's inherent to Campaigns.

I hope this information is clear but if you have any other questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,"

Hope this can help someone.