Ability for the Pipedrive to calculate commission dynamically by setting up a commission policy

Pipedrive to automatically calculate commission for a user depending on the commission structure/ slabs set by the company.

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  • There are commission platforms that can connect to Pipedrive through Zapier, but nothing that is native.

    If you could have a commission app, what would be your feature wish list?

  • As we log product details and product values in Pipedrive for every deal, if Pipedrive could calculate the commission from the values added after we set a structure, that would be excellent.

    If the commission could be calculated dynamically through the month, that would be great.

  • Rohan, with your products are you calculating commission based on the Total sale value or Total sale value - COGS?

  • What would be the difference between the two?

  • Total Sale value would be Widget 1 = $300 commission is % of $300

    Total Sale Value - COGS woulld be Widget 1 =$300 - $200 (Cost of Goods Sold) Commission is % of $100.

    I'd be happy to talk through this with you. https://calendly.com/redlist-rwilliams/redlist-quick-call