[Webinar] Lead generation and management topics

Ruslan Shogenov
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Hello, dear community,

I'm Ruslan, Product Marketing Manager at Pipedrive. Together with the product team, we're planning to conduct a series of webinars dedicated to lead generation and management best practices, tips and tricks, automation etc. That we believe will help our clients to streamline their processes and generate more leads.

We would like to hear from you about which topics or questions you would like us to cover on these webinars.

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.



  • Daniel Dubalski
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    Hi Ruslan,

    Nice idea and I am looking forward to this!

    I would especially be interested on Outbound Sales and how to ideally display this in Pipedrive. Apart from that lead generation in general is of course intersting and how to follow up on leads.



  • Hi Daniel,

    thank you, we'll definitely cover this topic on one of our webinars.