Workflow Deal Stage Advancing Only if all Tasks are Completed

Ed Ferreira
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I'm trying to build a workflow that will check to make sure all tasks are completed in the current Deal phase before automatically advancing the Deal to the next phase.

I've found that the conditionals don't work for this specific scenario if I try to filter based off the activity (task) subject name. I can do it for 1 activity, but it's not possible to do this with multiple activities because it isn't possible for the activity subject to match both activity names simultaneously.

Is there another or better way to accomplish this?


  • Stephan Steinbach

    Hi Ed,

    you could try and work with the number of activities. That way you could say that the remaining acitivities have to be 0 or a specific number, before the deal advances. Is that a possibility?

  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Ed Ferreira

    Have you considered using required fields in your deal, person or organisation data capturing?

    Required fields could be used as a check point (e.g. have all tasks before X stage been completed?) if yes, complete the field and the deal can move to the next stage.

    I hope this helps!


  • Liz (Ops Designed)

    Hi @Ed Ferreira what Stephen recommended is what I'd recommend as well. I have two example workflows below. The first is more simple. If a deal will have planned activities in a given stage until it should be moved to the next, then you can just have the trigger be "deal updated" w/ a filter that the planned activity count is 0 and the stage is X, and the action is to move the deal to stage Y.

    If you want the trigger to be that an activity is completed, then you have to build a hack to get you between the activity and deal fields. In step 3 below, I'm updating a deal field that I don't use (in this case labels) so that in step 4 I can reference the deal data in step 3. If the planned activity count is 0, then I'd take the action of updating the stage.

    Hope this helps!

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