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H. Hardeman
H. Hardeman Member Posts: 2

It should be nice when the link to deal's e-mail address is always on top. Actuall you've to scroll down, but depending on list of mails and rest of content of the deal, not fully to the bottom.

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  • Andres Kõljalg
    Andres Kõljalg Pipedrive Team Posts: 12 PIPEDRIVE TEAM
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    Hello @H. Hardeman!

    Could you please elaborate a bit further, on what do you mean by "Deal's email"?

    In case you're using Smart BCC and want to keep the Deal-Specific email always on top, there's a small workaround you could use.

    Here's a quick video I recorded for you on how to set it up.

    Mind you, this wouldn't work on the Essential Plan, since Essential doesn't get automations.

    In case you need help with setting this up, feel free to contact our Support for further assistance. It's available 24/7!