Why am I not able to remove a default field from a "new deal" form ?

Jonathan Diop
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Some default fields are unfortunately not relevant with our processes.

To make it easier to understand and complete the pop-up form when creating a deal, I wanted to simplify it and remove some irrelevant fields such as "label" or "probability". Is it possible?

I tried both via the personal settings (checkboxes were grayed out and disabled) on the website and via API (through the field "add_visible_flag") which stays at "true" even though I put it at "false".

Many thanks in advance!


  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @Jonathan Diop!

    I know the new deal pop up can be a bit overwhelming and, as you’ve experienced, there’s no way to get rid of those default fields.

    Instead of using the “+ DEAL” function, with all of our clients, we create Deals through a Jotform submission. We’ll create a Jotform with the exact required (and optional) fields for creating an Org, Person, and Deal. Using Zapier, we’ll then program that the form submission finds or creates the Org / Person / Deal based on the details entered.

    Happy to discuss further if you’d like.



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  • Peter
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    Even if you populate a deal/lead from a form the fields will still be visable? I cant really understand why you cannot hide them? Im trying this crm out and my plan is to populate the deals from WSForms but we will still push the deal through the pipe and the default fields are really irritating and this is maiing me think about finding another crm…