These five phrases are weakening your sales pitches 📣

Will Sigsworth
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These non-sales-specific words will dilute the impact of your buyer interactions if you use them too liberally:

  • “Obviously”: What you’re saying won’t always be obvious to your prospect. Assume it is and you might insult them or make them feel inadequate and less engaged.
  • “Our competitor”: Repeatedly mentioning your competition comes across as though you’re just out to win when you should be prioritizing your buyer’s needs.
  • “Discount”: Using this word (as opposed to just providing a “great deal”) cheapens the value of your product. If the product is good enough and you’re in front of the right customer, a discount is unnecessary.
  • “Contract”: While agreements are necessary, not all buyers want to feel tied down. “Agreement” and “relationship” are warmer terms to consider.
  • “[Your company name]”: Many buyers care more about what you can do for them than who you are. Make all of your interactions about the buyer.

What phrases and words do you use to help communicate benefits to your customers?

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