Combined Subscription Revenue and Forecast Revenue report

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I've just spent quite awhile entering all the transaction data against our won deals and now have a nice looking Subscription Revenue report. Unfortunately though this isn't connected to the Forecast Revenue report, which is only taking into account new deals.

Feature Request - Combined Subscription Revenue and Forecast Revenue report

Subription Revenue report takes into account recurring future revenue for existing deals and Forecast revenue only takes into account future revenue for future deals.

The missing element here is having two of them combined so that the forecast revenue report shows the forecast revenue for existing deals as well as forecast revenue for future deals.

Bug - Subscription Revenue report showing incorrect data in table

In addition, there is a bug with the Subscription Revenue report in that it doesn't show transaction data for the report, it shows deal value which is not aligned with transaction data. You can quite easily see this as it only has one line per deal even when the deal may have had multiple subscription changes and one-time revenue instances. Please rectify this urgently.

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    I just spent an hour chatting with support for the third time as I (we, sometimes) couldn't wrap our heads around the forecasted revenue report not showing, well, total forecasted revenue.

    I've got all the data in there as payment schedules or subscriptions (or sometimes just deal values). Pipedrive robots should be able to sum that up into how much $ is coming in each month.