Campaigns Feature - Ability to use workflows to update marketing status

I was super excited to see the new Campaigns feature in Pipedrive. Functionality looks great, ability to build workflows etc is a massive win. Have started the progress of migrating from a third party email platform to realise that there is no way to automatically update a Person's Marketing Status to Subscribed (either via Workflow Automations or Zapier), therefore pretty much making the feature useless. We are capturing web enquiries from landing pages, pushing them to pipedrive and then wanting to start a nurture journey via email. The only way this can be done is manually change the marketing status of each Person to Subscribed which makes the automation function pointless. The native lead capture forms in Pipedrive will let you do it, but we are driving paid traffic to landing pages that we need to optimise for conversion so the native Pipedrive lead forms are not a viable option.

Would love to see the ability to update the Marketing Status via workflows to be a priority product update!

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