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Craig Holmes
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I was super excited to see the new Campaigns feature in Pipedrive. Functionality looks great, ability to build workflows etc is a massive win. Have started the progress of migrating from a third party email platform to realise that there is no way to automatically update a Person's Marketing Status to Subscribed (either via Workflow Automations or Zapier), therefore pretty much making the feature useless. We are capturing web enquiries from landing pages, pushing them to pipedrive and then wanting to start a nurture journey via email. The only way this can be done is manually change the marketing status of each Person to Subscribed which makes the automation function pointless. The native lead capture forms in Pipedrive will let you do it, but we are driving paid traffic to landing pages that we need to optimise for conversion so the native Pipedrive lead forms are not a viable option.

Would love to see the ability to update the Marketing Status via workflows to be a priority product update!

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  • jpoyser
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    Hi Pipedrive - I'm bumping this thread because the above is relevant to us too - and to be honest a crucial UX feature for Campaigns. Hopefully something is in the works because manually adjusting marketing status' when opt in permission has been granted is tedious (even with 'bulk-edit').

    We want to send a custom Campaign Template (because the Pipedrive Template for the double opt in email can't be edited to adjust for our branding) - but can't include a link or any means for the clicking of the CTA button 'yes I accept/subscribe' to auto-update the contact's marketing status to subscribed.

    So if the Double Opt In email was able to be edited, and send in bulk (like group email) that would solve this whole issue

  • Graham Cox
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    Pipedrive, I'd like a response to this today please.

    It's not good enough to sell a product boasting about automated campaigns when you can't send an immediate automatic email to a new lead/person because you can't auto-set the marketing status via zapier or workflow AUTOMATION

    This is email marketing automation 101. So basic it's unfathomable you wouldn't have this feature.

    I understand this ability was there, then got pulled without explanation. Please explain why?

    This is a community forum.

    The community includes PD staff, not just your customers. No point having this community if you never respond. Why do you think there are so many threads with just one or two posts?

    So incredibly frustrating!

    Please start talking to your customers.

    P.S I feel like I spend a lot of my time complaining to PD at the moment. I don't like doing so, but I don't like being ignored and basic, fundamental features not being implemented without any explanation as to why when people raise it.

  • Graham Cox
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    One other observation. I don't understand how a company whose live chat support is so good, one of the best I've ever come across, can be so bad at responding in a community forum

  • Graham Cox
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    Ok so a nice chap on support replied with this:

    "The decision to enforce manual change with the marketing status was made since the majority of countries require proof of consent from the subscriber that cannot be offered when this is automated.

    One option would be to use Web Forms from our leadbooster to capture the marketing status, however, as you're using a Typeform, I would recommend automating this via API instead. You can find the instructions for this here."

    Not only does the first and second paragraphs seem contradictory, but it appears we also need to be coders now to get this working!!

    Pipedrive, is this some kind of joke? Every other marketing automation platform out there can do this. You can't advertise campaigns as automated if we can't even automate an instant email when the lead comes in. Utterly ridiculous.

    I want to hear what you're going to do about this, and when? Preferably today please. I feel really quite angry that you can charge customers money and be so glib about a fundamental feature.

    Btw there are about another 6 forum posts about this exact issue (just search for marketing status).

  • Jake Liddell
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    Support just trots out the same old rubbish. If it were true, then products like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign etc would not work. It's a waste of time talking to them, as they are not empowered to change things - they just have to try to defend the indefensible.

    This all used to work. Their original Zapier integration used to allow you to set the marketing status. Now it does not. It's a conscious decision Pipedrive have made. No idea what they were on when they made that decision, but there we go - they took out the functionality that would have made their product work.

    Until it does, Campaigns are an irrelevance.

  • servertastic
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    I have created a Python script to update the marketing status and shared it below. It uses PIPEDRIVE filters.

    Create a filter in PIPEDRIVE to show the persons you want to change to subscribed. In our case we use has label CUSTOMER and MARKETING STATUS is NO CONSENT. But you could use a custom field or simply NO CONSENT if you want to subscribe everyone initially. Make sure the filter includes NO CONSENT so you are not resubscribing unsubscribed users. By using a filter in PIPEDRIVE we can just change the filter if required and not touch the code.

    The filter will have an ID which is shown at the end of the URL in the address bar. Take a note of this. You can then use the following Python script to update the marketing status.

    import requests
    import sys
    # Replace these with your actual data
    api_token = 'PIPEDRIVE_API_KEY'
    company_domain = 'PIPEDRIVE_COMPANY_DOMAIN'
    filter_id = 'FILTER_ID'
    # Step 1: Retrieve persons based on the filter
    get_url = f'https://{company_domain}{filter_id}&start=0&api_token={api_token}'
    response = requests.get(get_url)
    if response.status_code == 200:
        persons = response.json()['data']
        if not persons:
            print("No persons found matching the filter. Exiting script.")
            sys.exit(0)  # Exit the script
        # Step 2: Update each person
        for person in persons:
            person_id = person['id']
            update_url = f'https://{company_domain}{person_id}?api_token={api_token}'
            data = {
                'marketing_status': 'subscribed'
            update_response = requests.put(update_url, json=data)
            if update_response.status_code == 200:
                print(f"Successfully updated person with ID {person_id}")
                print(f"Failed to update person with ID {person_id}. Status code: {update_response.status_code}")
        print("Failed to retrieve persons. Status code:", response.status_code)

    We then utilise PIPEDREAM to run the script every hour. This is like ZAPIER but allows to execute actual code as well. The free account will let you run this script once an hour without running out of credits unless you have thousands of persons to update at a time. We utilise the paid version as have other hosted scripts to sync across sass systems.

    This is my affiliate link to PIPEDREAM to use if you want to

    None affiliate link