Different deals with same customer email synch

Hi Pipedrivers,

if I have had a deal with a customer in the past on Pipedrive and I have to open a new one, all the old emails related to the past project are also synchronized on the new. Is there any way to differentiate them?

Thanks in advance!


  • Kreete K
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    Hi Luigi!

    I am not sure which situation you are describing exactly, so trying to explain below how our Email sync will behave in relation to Deals.

    If an older Deal is Closed (Won/Lost) and you open a brand new Deal with the same Contacts person, no older emails automatically link to this Deal. However, they will stay visible under the Contact Person detail view. Emails will only auto-link to Deals if the Contact person has 1 open deal. So now if you sync in new emails and this is the only open deal, they will link to the Deal.

    If you have any doubts on this or exact examples to check, please reach out to our Support team via in-app chat or email support@pipedrive.com so our agents could further check.

  • Luigi
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    Thank you so much for the answer, it is very clear now.

    Have a great day!