Can soft skills help you master the art of selling?

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Product knowledge is essential, but connecting with customers makes all the difference when closing a deal. 

Critical skills include:

  • Empathy. Understand prospect pain points and find the right solution to fit their needs.
  • Active listening. Identify their challenges, listen to responses without interrupting and show them you genuinely care.
  • Storytelling. Create a vision for the prospect so they understand what your product can do for them. Storytelling is also used to build relationships (i.e. sharing similar experiences).
  • Collaboration. Work with other team members toward a collective goal, supporting and leading where needed.

Customers expect brands to be trustworthy and demonstrate that they care about their users, not just the bottom line.

To demonstrate this on a call, over an email or in a demo, salespeople need a blend of skills. 

Read our article for an in-depth breakdown of the art of selling as well as six selling skills to help you close more deals.

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