Can you create multiple quotes under one deal?

Hi there

We use products and Sales Docs to create our quotes, which works brilliant until we want to create options for a client.

For example maybe we are quoting for a 100 chairs in green fabric but 100 chairs in leather is a different price, and we want to easily show the price difference.

We can't put the options on one quote (the above is a simple, illustrative example) as we will often have many lines on our quote. Therefore we always in our past system, created 2 quotes 'Seats Opt A' and 'Seat Opt B'. That way the client could easily see the difference.

At the minute we are creating duplicate deals for these Options. Works well until we want to report on the 'Deals started' number. Then the number is inaccurate as where we have 1 'Deal' and we show 3 options, its on the system as 3 Deals as we create a deal per option.

It would be awesome if Pipedrive made a 'quotes' tab in Deals where you could create multiple quotes per deal that was linked to the products, and make editing the quote easy.

Anyone else got this issue?


  • We have the same issue. We always offer "good, better, best" pricing options. It would be great to do this in Pipedrive. Right now we have to do this offline in a manual proposal and pulling pricing out with options is a pain.

  • Any movement on this at all? For us we may have multiple quotes for one project due to currency differences with suppliers.

  • Update? Very much needed

  • Also looking for an answer 👌