Email sync not working again w/Exchange services


We have been using PD for about 3 years. We were constantly having email sync issues on our account and out of shear frustration I upgraded to Enterprise because that was the only way to get a live person on the phone. Nothing has changed, we spend so many man/woman hours on troubleshooting in a "rinse and repeat" cycle (incognito windows, clearing cache, removing email accounts and adding them back in, testing from different browsers, sending test emails, etc. etc. etc.) that PD is becoming unsustainable for us to maintain. I am thinking it is time for us to find another CRM.


  • CarlosPD

    Hey @Lauren_3075 !

    Thank you for sharing your experience with our Email Sync/Support. We are reviewing your cases with our support to find solution to your ongoing issue. We will follow up with you here shortly on your via your open chat with our plan.