Pipedrive needs to improve the ability to sort and filter contacts/leads

Joel Young
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I can't be the only one that has contacts with a lot of different data points.

I don't mind using the create a filter function to narrow people down using certain criteria like;

Location or emails sent/received in the last month.

However, having to repeatedly go into the filter to narrow down or change the search is ridiculous.

Just one example, let's say I have a list of 500 customers/leads that I've narrowed down. I then want to sort them via their source like Facebook ads or Website lead. You have to go into the filter to change the requirements and then do that again if you want to revert back or choose another source.

In an excel table you can simply click the table header and select or deselect the data you want to see. Surely Pipedrive could be doing better here.

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  • dgnfly
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    I would also like to be able to filter out existing contacts that are already leads, so I can identify a new pool of contacts to move into the Leads stage. Currently, I can't see any way of doing that, other than jumping into a contact and looking to see if a Lead was created under the automated notes.

  • Charles VHO
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    The above would be very handy for me. We have a lot of contacts coming in, but it's very hard to retarget them at the moment.

  • Simon_W
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    Dynamic contact lists/filters would be super helpful. Feels like a very basic feature that pretty much all other CRMs are able to do