RFQ in Pipedrive


Anyone uses pipedrive to ingest and hadle RFQ request for quote from a email inbox?


  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Luk Lau

    The interesting use case here! Do you mean you have your emails synced with Pipedrive and when you receive an email that is RFQ - you'd like to transfer that data into a Deal in the CRM?

    This is possible - when you receive an email in Pipedrive mail, to the right you have a panel that asks you if you'd like to create a new contact/lead/deal or link to an existing contact/lead/deal.

    If you use these panels the data taken from the email will be auto-populated for you (you may have to sensor check in case Pipedrive has assumed data for you incorrectly). Then you can place the Lead in the Inbox or add as a Deal and place in a Pipeline at certain stage

    Hope this helps!