What are the numbers at the top of the deal page?

At the top of the deal page, there are two numbers. I'm not sure exactly what they represent. Can someone enlighten me?


  • Total dollar value and weighted dollar value based on expected closing percentage I believe.

  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @David Wiener

    The numbers represent the total number and value of Open Deals in your Pipeline, in your case 99 Open Deals

    The total value of all Open Deals without any weighted probability is $200,198.80 and your weighted value is $136,910.20

    Weighted value is added when you have indicated a probability % against a Pipeline stage or a Deal, if you indicate a Probability against a Deal it will overwrite the Stage Probability assigned.

    So all your Open Deals value totals at $200,198.80

    However you are expected to win $136,910.20, based on % probability of winning the Deals

    As @Brad Krause_65956 said, if you are using expected close dates you can then forecast per month/per quarter when you are likely to expect the Deal to be won (receive money)

    Hope this helps!