25th of October Webinar Question Answers

Külli Kruusla
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As promised during the webinar, posting the answers to questions that we did not have time to take in live.

  1. Why is a differentiation between filters in "list view" and "deal view"? List view means all of the items a user can see showing up in a list. For example, with the case of Deals app, you can either view all of the deals as a list view or as a pipeline view. Detail view is a view of one single item. For example, with the case of Deals app, the deal view is one single deal detail view.
  2. When it will be possible to use formulas in custom fields? Starting from Q1 in 2023.
  3. How do I know what other webinars are available? Here is one link to keep an eye on: Sales and CRM Webinars , but this might not include all the upcoming webinars. Some webinars that are meant for paying customers only will be shared via e-mail or in-app message.
  4. How can I make a report board and share it so that everyone has the same board with their own information? When talking about dashboards, then you can share dashboards with anyone in the company. The information users will be able to see depends on their permissions and visibility settings. At this time, sharing doesn’t allow editing though, only to be viewed.
  5. From Security Tab, when "Device History "is clicked and period selected is 1 month or 2 months, the output actually give you same results as for 2 weeks. Is there any bug please? We have a device limit at 100 devices when fetching the data, so it seems that when fetching data for last 2 weeks we already hit that limit and we can't show any older data for the 1 month and 2 months filters, because it is always limited to the first 100 devices. But we will work on improving this experience and to showcase more information.
  6. Can users without a project seat have view only access to see project progress? Currently, Projects are linked to deals, persons or orgs. Then on these detail views you can see the project and get basic projects info like status.
  7. How can I add bulk activities from my previous deals or campaigns after I unsubscribed to Pipedrive? Now I wanted to subscribe again and upload all my previous deals and leads that I exported before unsubscribed. In order to find the most optimal solution for individual use case I would encourage to reach out to our support and request assistance for importing. 
  8. Do you have a reference of partners in Chile that can help me to configure Pipedrive 100%? In the marketplace you can go to the Partners tab and filter by Country. Currently there are 4 Partners in Chile: Time Hunter, Norte Digital LATAM, Bullemore Sales Conulting, VICI. 

Hope these answers were helpful, if you need to follow up on anything, please feel free to post in comments :).