About 80% of the addresses we need to put in either the contact or deals have a unit number. I also like that Pipedrive finds the correct address as well which works will with the "Nearby" option on the ios app.

The problem I'm having is that when I put in a unit number before the address Pipedrive can't find the exact location and I don't think the "Nearby" option on the app will then work. Am I missing something or is this seeming that needs to be "fixed" in Pipedrive?



  • Why would a unit number be place before the address? What I am used to would be:

    1234 Main street #44

    Milwaukee, WI 53212

  • Because in Canada we put it at the front like this:

    #44 - 1234 Main Street.

    But I see now that the way you do it works in Pipedrive... which works for me as well. Thanks for the help.

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    Oh Canada. Come on now. 😀

    I've only been to Windsor, once. Think to a place called the Million Dollar Club. Was in Detroit for a Packer game.