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Mike A
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Feature Request: As a user I want to be able to create a found set of records and then view individual records one at a time - working my way through the filtered List. Currently, as a user I have to select a record from the List in order to view the Full record and then return to the List to select the next record.

ASK: Provide Forward / Back functionality in the full record view so the user can move through a found set List of records without having to return to List view to make the next selection.

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  • Bill Steele
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    Do you mean like the "pop-out" tab they have in the Activity list view? But for contact lists. Yes, upvote.

  • Mike A
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    Well that is one approach but wouldn't be as functional - here's what I mean

    I work in list view more than card view

    When I have a List i am working on I would like to be able to view an individual record and then without returning to the list I want to advance to the next record.

    There is one existing example on the site already - Emails .

    Emails are displayed in a list view by default - If a user opens an email record they have the ability to move forward/backward in the list without returning to list view. The 'arrows' are in the upper right corner of the window

    The difference between this and a pop up is that you have access to the whole record.. It's a simple feature to implement and would provide a smoother work flow