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Hello fellow Pipedrivers!

Our business and product selection is growing, and I am facing a problem that I am unable to solve myself. Maybe someone of you has had the same issue and can share how you solved it.

We have customers that buy from us the same product every year, so they all have already a deal in the pipeline. Now, we want to offer them a second product (cross-sell). At the same time, we would also reach out to a completely new client segment with the same new product (no deals yet). The flow would be the following: new leads would receive an email with a signup form. If they are interested in buying, a deal would be created automatically and added to the new client pipeline. Now for the old clients, we plan to have the same flow but in that case, existing clients would have a second deal created, something that we would like to avoid.

So my question is: is there a good way to cross-sell in the most automated way without having to create a second deal?

Thank you in advance for your ideas!


  • Martin Pecha_2338
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    Hi @Adina Faiman

    I recommend, do not be afraid to create multiple deals. The reason is simple - you want to track your activity sales and their progress in your pipeline.

    You should look at each deal as a sales activity/opportunity. This means, one company can have multiple deals - either new products or upsell. And it is convenient as then you can see in the future, that you had two sales activities with this company, both successful (or not) and you have a transparent sales process.

    When you start using your already closed deal for other activities in the future like upsells and cross-sells, you cannot track the progress and it is hard for sales to carry on focus.

    So to sum up - you should always use your pipeline to accelerate your sales activities.

    You can separate cross-sell of your clients from others - by tags, names, or even different pipelines. That is fine. For example we have new pipeline upsell/cross-sell for our existing clients and we keep progressing there.



  • Adina Faiman
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    @Martin Pecha_2338 Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with your reasoning. The only thing I am concerned with is that we start offering product 2 while we haven't closed yet the deal for product 1 with the same client. For product 2 sales cycle is shorter than for product 1 and we don't sell them in bundles. So how to have a good overview of everything that needs to be done with that account? One way is of course to look at accounts one by one, but the whole idea (and that's what my team prefers) is to have the pipeline view which is visually more appealing and handy. Do you have an idea of how to have a better overall view of the account progression rather than deal progression?

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    Hi @Adina Faiman did you solve this?