IOS widget no longer available?

Josh Buesking
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Once upon a time I had the IOS widget on my phone, it's no longer available for me to add.

On the mobile section of the documentation it shows available for IOS?

Is this an issue on my side or did it get removed?

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hello @Josh Buesking

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We checked this internally with our mobile team and turns out that the widget option is no longer a feature supported by our mobile app. Apologies for the misinformation here and I assure you that feedback to a dedicated team was passed so they can review and remove this information from our Knowledge base. 

    Many thanks.


  • MNipkow
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    iOS 17 is able to work with active widgets. So that tasks can be checked off in the widget without having to open the app. Check out the new Reminders widget. Wrike also uses this feature in its widget. I think this would be a nice feature for Pipedrive as well.