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Hey there folks,

Recently ran into the issue of having our company email messages sent en masse via Pipedrive end up in spam inboxes of our clients. We are searching for alternative ways to not connect these types of emails to our company profiles and wondered about providing a separate ESP via Pipedrive for users to utilize the automation and snd emails without having them land in spam inboxes. I think this would help a lot with the leads and follow ups that Pipedrive is centered around.

Alternatively another solution could be allowing for integration via SendGrid to use other ESP's that a company may own to mass email leads and update prospects. I hope this can help a lot of folks looking to maximize their reach without worrying about losing most of their emails to spam inboxes and ruining conversion rates.

Let me know what folks think about this both people using Pipedrive and working there. Thank you!



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    Yes, Email service providers are technology companies that make it easier for people to build email lists and send emails. As email marketing has become a more popular marketing channel (I also follow this service for my site), more email service providers have sprung up to provide differentiated services.