Can/should Pipedrive Campaigns be used for cold email outreach?


Hello, PD community! 👋🏽

Like the title of this question says, I'm wondering if I can/should use Pipedrive's "Campaigns" functionality for cold email outreach or is it more suited for promotional/new letter-style campaigns.

And if "Campaigns" is not intended for cold emails, what recommendations do you have for services that integrate well with PD? I have used Lemlist in the past for cold emails, but its integration with Pipedrive wasn't the best, and I would love a more seamless experience.

Thanks in advance, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day 🙏🏽


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    From what I see campaigns isn't really suited for as much for cold email introduction but looks great for email ads. How about using the group email function in pipedrive along with the templates. That seems well suited for cold outreach. Since you can only send 100 at a time you will need to segment and filter your lists. Pipedrives help section on sending group email has some great suggestions on how to do this.

    I really don't think there is a ned for a 3rd party email service since this group email option along with templates is offered by pipedrive.

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    hey @Brad Krause_65956 , thanks for the suggestion!

    The two main things I would want from a cold email tool are (1) scheduling a sequence in advance and (2) automatically end/pause the sequence when they respond to an email.

    I have only used Pipedrive to send single emails (sometimes scheduled), but I have never tried to do a sequence. I'll look into that this weekend!