Optimal Use of PipeDrive at a Conference

Hello, I am attending a lot of conferences and I'd like to ask the Pipedrive family for pro tips to capture contacts and leads in Pipedrive in the chaos of a conference. Any tips/advice/processes from the community on how I can use Pipedrive at conferences in the best way possible?

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  • Alex Lobo l MBA
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    I will create a custom form with with a welcome email automation with some video info inside and your scheduler for a consulting session or discovery call, so only interested people at the conference will give you their name, phone and email and immediately they will receive an email for your side with your scheduler.

    I suggest you to practice in your three minutes elevator pitch, to grab attention and qualify real interest.

    Sometimes people just reach the booth to grab the free promotional stuff you give, they don't have a real interest or need in your product or service so it's why it will be important, before given any of these perks, have a small talk to pre-qualify them and then, if they qualify, put them in your into your pipeline. Makes sense? All the best!


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    The way I would approach it would probably be to scan all business cards into an apple notes folder I have called Rolodex. I scan all the business cards I receive into it. Its searchable and you can even make calls directly from it because it recognizes phone numbers and even email addresses. Then at some point I would likely enter them into pipedrive.

  • CRMs like Hubspot have a feature to scan contact cards and automatically create contacts. You can then import them into Pipedrive.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @sderouard , in addition to the suggestions above you can also have a look in the lead generation section of our marketplace page. Some integrations there (such as Business Card Reader, among others) have a handy mobile app that lets you scan business cards on the go and transfer those contacts to Pipedrive :)

  • Martin Pecha_2338
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    it is good to have one place where you put all relevant data during the conference and you then do it afterward. It is the most effective way.

    We use slack, so every time we have a conference, we just write into dedicated channel and later on we do a recap and fill the data into pipedrive.

  • It was a pain point for our Sales team. We solved it by creating a simple Airtable form which they could access from their phone to type quick notes (name, email, a few select fields / checkboxes and short notes). From there we used Make.com to automate the creation of a new deal every time someone submitted the form, with some prefilled data.

    If you use Make or Zapier you can definitely automate a workflow to create deals on the go :).

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    Honestly, we use pen&paper at conferences mostly, and migrate the data afterwards. Always reluctant to pull out an electronic device in a real-life conversation. Puts up a barrier. On a sheet, people may even write down their email addresses themselves!

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    Old school but effective. That is a great point about putting up a barrier

  • Taking a photo of the card or scanning it into the notes app, you can later just grab all the names/emails/numbers and bulk import them into PD from the leads inbox ;) you upload them as an excel file that has structured columns such as "first name", "last name", "email address".

    Ping me if you want a google sheets layout for it 😊