Closed (mainly won) deals should maintain the value after closing

Pedro Vivancos
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We are a european company which works with EUR and USD. We have noticed recently (since October) that our won deals report has different values in different days even when we haven't won any new deal (of course, we do not delete won deals and change the value once they are won).

Our guess is that it is related to the EUR/USD change value and Pipedrive support thinks the same.

In our opinion, closed deals should not change their value once they are closed. That means, closed values should always have the value of the date when they were closed.

If our reports are in EUR the value of a USD closed deal should be always the same in EUR.

So we ask Pipedrive to freeze the currency conversion of closed deals to the value of the date deals were closed.

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  • Amit Sarda (

    The value on the deal will always remain the same. It may fluctuate when the values are aggregated (sales pipeline view or insight reports).