Google Ads tracking for Pipedrive forms

Hello. We manage Google Ad campaigns for a client and they want to embed Pipedrive forms into their website. This will replace their existing Wordpress gravity forms. We currently have Google Ads and Google Analytics tracking codes on the success/thank-you page that loads after a form is submitted. This allows us to track where in Google Ads the conversion was generated from (campaign name, ad group, keyword, ad). Pretty standard tracking for Google Ad campaigns.

The issue we now face is that with Pipedrive forms there is no way to fire the Google Ads or GA tracking pixels to let Adwords attribute the conversion accordingly.

What solution has the Pipedrive community used to date? and how long before a permanent solution is in place?


  • You can specify what occurs when a pipedrive form is submitted, like redirecting to a thank you page. Wouldn't that provide the same level of measurement that you have with GF?