Empower your Pipedrive data with Geo-Visualization

WeMapSales, a geospatial intelligence tool, combines four powerful data analytics applications, including geo-mapping, automated territory optimization, territory management, and analytics reporting capability, into one cloud-based solution.

We offer a multi-weighted, multi-metrics, multi-constraints optimization system that allows sales managers to assign accounts to their sales reps, analyze reports, track sales activities, and create optimized sales territories to increase productivity and support better decision-making.

WeMapSales offers a seamless plug and play app without any complicated setup and installation requirements. Enjoy single sign-on with your Pipedrive credentials. Your Pipedrive data will be seamlessly integrated and automatically updated. In addition to updating zip codes, other supporting census data will be automatically updated on an ongoing basis.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage Multi Weighted, Multi Metric, Multi Constraint Territory Optimization System.
  • Create Contiguous, Balanced & Compact Territories and Regions.
  • Bind Optimization Metrics With Rules and Geographies.
  • Manipulate Territories With Lasso and Radius Tools.
  • Unearth Key Insights With Data Analytics.
  • Visualize Data With Interactive Map or Chart Reports.
  • Keep Track of Critical KPIs On The Go.
  • Drill Down Models & Reports To Analyze Trends and Risks.
  • Save & Retrieve Snapshot or Dynamic Reports, As & When Required.

Take Sales Territory Management & Data Visualization To New Horizons With Our State-of-the-art Geo Business Intelligence Solution.

Try WeMapSales for free. You can download the app from our Pipedrive Marketplace page: https://marketplace.pipedrive.com/app/we-map-sales/6df8d296bdf3bf50  

If you would like more information or a demo, please contact us at: admin@wemapsales.com