Improved lead scoring for Pipedrive

Andrus Purde
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We at Outfunnel have recently mightily improved our Lead Scoring feature to include both marketing engagements (email clicks, visits to specific pages, etc.) and data from Pipedrive. Namely:

  • You can increase scores when a key (sales) Activity has been completed, such as attending a demo call, registering for a webinar, scheduling a meeting -- or anything else that's registered as an Activity in Pipedrive
  • You can also include the contents of any Pipedrive custom fields in lead scoring calculations. For example, you can increase the lead score if someone's job title includes VP. Or if "affiliates" channel has proven to have higher conversion as a lead source, you can increase scores for all new leads coming from that channel

Keen to hear your thoughts. Do you find this useful? Is there any data that you'd like to use in lead scoring but currently can't?

You can find Outfunnel's lead scoring (and our other features) in the Pipedrive Marketplace.


  • And just to add to Andrus's post, lead scoring is one of our top focus areas for Q4/Q1 with the goal to build the best scoring mechanism for the Pipedrive ecosystem so we're on the look out for any and all customer stories to this regard.

  • Thinking out loud. I think lead scoring is only useful until the sales team has made contact with the lead. Once contact has been established, the sales team just needs to complete activities on time, activities that have been agreed upon with the 'lead' (deal/opportunity).

  • Agreed, @Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant - !

    The Activity-based component in lead scoring makes the most sense in use cases where some activities are recorded in Pipedrive before a salesperson has established contact (eg. webinar registration, meeting booking, self-qualifying themselves, etc.)

  • Great comment! Another use case we actually see is upselling/cross-selling. We've heard some businesses wanting to create multiple scores one for pre-sales and another one for post-sales.

  • I do believe that lead scoring is super valuable BEFORE sales has contacted the lead. It is a terrific way to measure a leads engagement. Specifically if you have a small team and lots of leads it makes it lot easier to prioritize who do you want to reach out to. If you have an email based subscriber and you can see that that are engaged with your email content multiple times (open and click) and for example have visited the website, to me that is someone I would want to talk to, rather then a completely cold lead where I see no engagement or history.