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Creating an Activity when New Product Added

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of a way to automatically create an activity when a new product is added?

I don't see any direct possibilities to do this in Workflow Automation as 'Products' are not listed as a trigger.




  • Leonardo Zimmermann
    Leonardo Zimmermann Moderator Posts: 73
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    Hey, GeorgeP.

    Automations cannot currently be triggered by product added to Pipedrive (individually or if added to a deal), since products cannot be used as triggers in any way. In that scenario, a simple workaround could involve the creation of a custom field that could serve as a reminder for the creation of this activity.

    With that in mind, I will forward this suggestion internally so that our Product Team can consider it for future improvements.


  • Hi Leonardo,

    Many thanks for your response! Yes, I thought about using a custom field too - I'll look into this.

    Appreciate that your willing to suggest having triggers for Product towards your Product Team!