Redefine your sales territory optimization experience

The process of dividing territories, allocating them to sales reps, and analyzing sales data is often challenging for managers. WeMapSales, a sales territory optimization and management tool, automates all the details necessary to ensure that all accounts are assigned equally to sales reps. By doing so, they ensure that the accounts are properly serviced. 

In addition to tracking sales activities, analyzing reports, and assigning accounts to sales reps, it enables better decision-making, increases productivity, and supports better decisions.

Sales territories are designed to match sales efforts with business opportunities. To better plan and control their sales operations, salesmen are assigned individual customers and prospects.

To achieve a balanced sales territory, WeMapSales considers multi-weighted metrics as well as multiple constraints. Balanced sales territories will encourage your sales team to maximize potential (and create more opportunities) within their territory.

WeMapSales is not only an effective sales territory optimization tool, but also an easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool.

Leverage the power of intelligence, automation and analytics in a single cloud-based solution - WeMapSales to create balanced sales territories using multi-weighted, multiple metrics and multi-constraints optimization system. Also, visualize your data with interactive map or chart reports.

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