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Some of our contacts have more than one email address but have only subscribed with one of them to our marketing emails - and unsubscribed with the other.

Or - one of the emails is outdated and not to be used anymore but cannot be deleted as this would mean we are losing visibility of relevant email history.

There are some major restrictions on the pipedrive default email field:

a) I cannot create custom email labels (or add anything more than work/home other)

b) I cannot filter by email label - If I generate a list of subscribed contacts, all emails are displayed in one field on the list view and export. They are also not marked with their label here so noone will know which email is which.

c) email legacy disappears when I delete an outdated email address. - but due to the reasons above, I have no means to mark and exclude the outdated email from a list or export.

I think there is urgent need for improvement from pipedrive.

When I want to generate a marketing list for marketing email subscripted emails, I can only do this by adding a custom field which repeats the main (subscribed) email of the contact. But this will only partially solve the issue and also cause more work / more potential for misspellings etc...

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