Ability link partners in the form of suppliers, companies and persons and link notes to these.

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Hi guys,

Question / wish regarding project management:

As a product designer I have several external companies en several different external persons working on a project. These change on a project basis and during the proces.

At the beginning of a project I'm in intensive contact with 3 potential suppliers of metal parts. To the end of the project only 1 will stay. During this proces i wanne be able to link and delink these suppliers/companies/persons and ad notes to these companies separately

At the moment it is only possible to link one company or person to a project.

  • Would it be possible to link more companies / persons to a project?
  • Would it be possible to add notes on a company or person basis?

Best regards!



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    Hi Bas,

    Thanks for sharing the suggestion. I've noted it down in our system where we prioritise this feedback. At the moment it's not in the plans but if we get this request more often we'll definitely take a look in prioritising this, thanks!

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