Quantitative or Qualitative Data: Which is more important for sales forecasting?

Will Sigsworth
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Both quantitative and qualitative data can be valuable when putting together a sales forecast. However, for some the proof is in the numbers. While others believe that this type of sales forecasting does not allow you to account for external factors only experience can reveal.

According to Carl Eschenbach, who is a partner at Sequoia Capital, “The most important number in a company is the forecast and it’s moved from just talking to your sales manager to something that's a combination of art and science.”

In other words, all the fancy sales forecasting software and tools in the world cannot replace your sales manager's knowledge about your sales cycles and deals. When you combine the data and the history of the data (or the qualitative data) you have more accurate forecasting.

When putting together your sales forecast, what’s more important? Quantitative data, qualitative data, or both?

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