In a framework agreement won, how to manage sub-deals avoiding counting them twice ?

Emmanuel Lebeul
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Dear all,

I have a framework deal following the general pipeline. When I won it, I need to manage sub-deals with my customer but I do not want to count it twice : one time in the framework deal pipeline, the second time as a sub-deal.

What is the best practice ?

One sub-deal pipeline for each framework deal ? One sub-deal pipeline for all framework deals ? Record it twice but display it once in the reporting ? Other...

Thanks for help.


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  • Brad Krause_65956
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    This what I think. That having a custom deal details field defining that it is a specific type of deal, framework or otherwise would allow you to track and filter for reporting purposes. Not familiar with all other circumstances but maybe you use the deal Label field for this if you are looking for quick reference using the colors in the pipeline view.


  • Would personally avoid a separate pipeline at all costs. Create a single option field in deal details that defines into a category what type of deal it is. Have a category for the main deal and a category for the sub-deals.

  • Thanks Brad for your quick help.

    "Would personally avoid a separate pipeline at all costs" so I assume this advice remove the option "One sub-deal pipeline for each framework deal". I fully agree ! But keeping the framework deal and its sub-deals in the same pipeline makes counting twice the amount in the reporting. Furthermore, the reporting does not allow to filter by customized field to remove sub-deals from the analysis.

    So it seems the only way is to :

    • Have sub-deals of all framework deals in a dedicated pipeline.
    • Still have framework deals in the existing pipeline.
    • I create custommized field "Deal type" in sub-deals pipeline (list of deal type as you suggest).
    • I create another custommized field "Framework deal ref" where I paste the web link to framework deal.

  • Hello Brad,

    Do you agree with my analysis or do I miss something ?

  • Hello Brad. Thanks.

    Filtering according to custom fields is a function of profesional pricing plan. Therefore, I assume if:

    • version < profesional plan => solution is to have a pipeline dedicated to sub-deals to avoid counting twice in report + custom field containing the associated framework deal to find it faster.
    • version >= profesional plan => solution is to have all deals (framework deads and sub-deals) in the same pipeline + custom field to add the associated framework deal + custom field for deal type in order to count them once in report using filter on custom field.

    About color in pipeline view, could you point me to the article that talks about it? I would be great if I can automatically set a color by referecence of framework deal.