Insights - Dashboards add deal values as if they were all in the default currency

Looking at the Insights dashboard for 'Deals won over time', the deal values are added as if they were all in our default currency (GBP). But we record deal values in whichever currency we invoice that client, which may be USD, EUR, AUD, NZD, SEK etc. For example that grey block in the Oct 2022 column below, which appears to be for about £30k, is actually for about SEK30k, which is around £2,365. And therefore the total for that column is wrong too.

The table below the chart, or the tables that I get if I click on the chart, do show the correct amounts and the currency for each (but they don't attempt to calculate a total).

I was investigating whether we should start to use Insights, rather than exporting data and building dashboards with other tools, but the current dashboards in Insights can be very misleading!

Do you have any plans to include automated currency conversion in Insights dashboards or do we need to start recording all our deal values in our default currency if we're to make use of Insights dashboards? I guess you'd need to choose what date to use for exchange rates, and/or we'd have to set up our preferred fixed exchange rates for the currencies we use, but either way would give us more realistic charts than at present.