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My suggestion would be to be able to create a pipeline showing organizations as a card similar to a deal to get a good overview of current customers. The application could be for example a Customer success board or a sales overview board, making the clutter minimal as well as showing an overview on the card with the amount of deals connected to the organization.

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  • Amit Sarda (

    You should check out a tool like Retool or Internal to build this function outside Pipedrive for your Customer Success Team, while still keeping the data in Pipedrive.

  • Mathias Brask
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    Why not just put a custom field with "Is customer active?" with options of "yes/no", and then you can filter those out, create activitites for the sales team based on activity, and if no emails has been sent etc. ?

    I know you were searching for kanban-view, but my comment was more about "how you could work with your customers"