Recurring sales: LTV VS deal value for the ongoing sales cycle

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Hello fellow Pipedrivers,

Our team would like to start using Forecasting and more advanced reporting features, but not sure how taking into consideration our current sales process.

We work account based and our sales cycle is 1 year. Our main products being events means that we sell tickets to the event to the client and once the event is over, we start selling tickets to the next year's event to the same client again.

So far we have used one organization = 1 deal. In the end of the sales cycle, we move the deal to the beginning of the pipeline and every year add new products to the deal. So this one deal represents the LTV of the client but this way we can't use forecasting for the ongoing sales cycle.

What would be the solution to forecast the value of the deal for the ongoing sales cycle and at the same time have the data of LTV?

I would very much appreciate your thoughts,


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