Can I copy a Pipedrive structure from one account to another?

Does anyone have a creative idea of how I could copy the structure (pipelines, custom fields, workflow automations) from one account to another?

I don't need to copy data, simply just the structure of the account.



  • This might work: Use Pipedrive to Pipedrive data transfer. once done, delete the data from the new account.

  • DC2000
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    I need to do something similar. Did this copying from pipedrive to pipedrive data transfer work?

  • If this is something you do regularly, you can use APIs to and Make/Integromat to execute this at the click of a button.

  • EnochMitchell
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    One creative solution to copying the structure of an account, such as pipelines, custom fields, and workflow automations, from one account to another without transferring data is to export the configuration settings from the source account and develop a custom script or tool to parse the exported file and recreate the structure in the target account using the software's API.