Managing referral partners as a mortgage broker

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it seems the only way to manage the referrals given by a realtor is to create the realtor as an organization to see all the leads and deals in the reporting. is there another way since the organization does not have a marketing opt in. Do we have to create a people profile for the same realtor as well to market to them? if so how can we market to them based on milestones? does anyone provide custom solutions?


  • Rafael Merchan
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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you very much for your question 😁

    In this situation, the best option is adding the realtor exactly as you are doing, as an organisation with the information of the point of contact linked to the organisation as a person. To be able to distinguish the realtor and the point of contact from a regular organisation and a regular person we highly recommend you to create a label in each part (people and organisation) to tag this way these special contacts from the other. This will also allow you to apply different filters to exclude them from your list view when you don't need to check their information.

    Have a nice day!