Do you want to visualize your pipedrive accounts on a map?

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Do you have a way to visualize accounts on a map? Are you tired of dealing with boring spreadsheets and seeking ways to adapt automated sales management and optimization?

Are you struggling with balancing your sales territories optimally? Do you want to see where your resources are with respect to your accounts concentrations?

Then why not switch to an automated sales planning and mapping tool that will enable you to increase your sales team productivity and drive profitability!

­WeMapSales is here to help you achieve and exceed your sales territory management and optimization goals optimally. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the benefits you can enjoy with our new and enhanced version:

- Instant visualization of accounts on the map.

- Create sales territories using a multi-weighted, multi-metrics, and multi-constraints optimization system.

- Bind optimization metrics with rules and geographies.

- Create reports, save and use insights to manage sales touch-points and activities.

- Visualize sales performance, opportunities and data through maps and charts.

- Generating optimized territory models in sync with given ones.

- Use radius selector and lasso tool to create contiguous territories on the map.

- View deal status and risk indicators on the dashboard and drill-down into details. 

- Generating sales territory models respecting salesperson’s locations.

To obtain balanced sales territories, WeMapSales takes multi weighted metrics as well as multi constraints into consideration. Balanced sales territories will keep your sales team motivated to maximize the opportunities in their territory (and create more opportunities) without overwhelming themselves or trying to outdo each other.

The utility of WeMapSales is not limited to territory optimization, but also includes features that make it an easy to use automated Business Intelligence tool. 

Give our App a try for free. Visit our Marketplace page to access the App  

Reach out at: [email protected] with feedback, comments or request for more information & demos!