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Meg Knott
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I am attempting to bulk edit my contact with labels, I have been trying since yesterday and keep getting the same message pop up. Can't Start bulk editing. Please try again. It is taking me the better part of two hours separating these contacts from my main list to edit the details and I cant keep restarting the process.

Is anyone else experiencing this or able to assist from past experience?


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  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Meg Knott

    It is better if you reach out to our official Support team with this. They might need to check some more details about the change to understand what is going on. You can reach out via in-app chat or email support@pipedrive.com. Thank you!


  • CMG707
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    I am having the same issue and have reached out to support and customer success at Pipedrive four times without a response. Batch selecting contacts from a large set of results in a filter is completely broken. The batch selection menu does not appear and the list can't even tabulate the full count.

    I have tested this multiple times and can reproduce it easily. I provided your team with my browser and device specs, as well as a HAR file capturing the error... no response. Nothing. Currently Pipedrive is unusable if you plan on managing more than 10k contacts.