Additional fonts - desperately needed

Having flexibility and being able to add new fonts to Pipedrive. Many companies create a brand and with that brand, have a specific font used to convey that brand throughout everything. Very limited choice of font so a larger choice and the ability to add a specific font is needed

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  • Bernd Auer
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    I know the fonts have been discussed here many times, but I have not yet found a posting on this specific issue:

    Many companies work with a corporate font and insist that the CI is adhered to in all customer communication. That's why it would be great if a company font could be set on a company level.

    Close to this requirement is the possibility of providing a CI-compliant, standardised signature. Using (even the new) editor is stumbling block for many users.

    The larger a company, the more important these things become!

  • Steffen Hepp
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    this would be a great improvement

  • I fully agree with this!

    It would be best if you could import a font directly yourself. That way you could keep the font selection small and not have to see dozens of fonts you never use. 

    It would also allow you to install fonts that you have paid for or created yourself. 

  • Siveen
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    Yes, it means custom bulletpoints etc could then be used.