Deleted email are not synced

I use the email sync feature of PipeDrive.

It's a good idea, especially to integrate incoming email from contact to a lead of a business and share it with other people of the team.

As it sync with each employee inbox folder, and as PipeDrive email feature is fine but not the-mail-client-killer, each of us still use our webmail/mail-app to manager their mails, and, among other things, to clear all the spams we receive each day.

Unfortunatly, when we delete a mail from the webmail/mail-app, the incoming mail stays in the pipedrive we have to delete it twice.

This is a real deal-breaker for us and I can't ask all the employee to to twice the job.

I don't understand why Pipedrive doesn't delete the mail from the inbox when it is deleted on the server. This is IMAP 101 !

By the way : we sync to a regular IMAP mail server.



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    I think you misunderstood my case.

    The message are not deleted from the INBOX folder. They are moved to the Trash folder (which in our server is called "Deleted Items").

    Eg :

    [30/Nov/2022 23:39:12] {MOVE} Protocol: HTTP/WebMail, User: [email protected], IP: a.b.c.d, Folder: [email protected]/INBOX, Destination Folder: [email protected]/Deleted Items, From: "Pipedrive Community" <[email protected]>, Subject: "[Pipedrive Community] CarlosPD mentioned you in Team Inbox", Msg-Id: <<AwdiR874opvNfz91HtdB6JbdlSSjFpkETL

  • I have the same issue. The sync between Gmail inbox and Pipedrive inbox are not two-way synced. Meaning changes in Gmail do NOT carry over to Pipedrive. But, with Pipedrive's limitations to put items in a folder, then I have to go back to Gmail to do this. Then, go back and archive emails in Pipedrive. Double the work. Double the task.