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Felix Brumme
Felix Brumme Member Posts: 27
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I would like for this forum to have a merch and/or archiving function that can be suggested by users. 

Currently there are more than 140 pages á 30 suggestions. Many of these suggestions are duplicated and some are certainly already implemented. So it would be good if you could clean up a bit. 

It would be cool if a user could suggest to merge or archive two proposals and if enough other users or a moderator agree, this will happen. 

(You just don't need 50 single suggestions where user defined fields are suggested by pipeline. A proposal with 50 comments would be much, much more useful).

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  • Sven Amann_76110
    Sven Amann_76110 Member Posts: 67
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    Wholeheartedly agree. This community desperately needs cleanup and attention. And your suggestion is a great approach we users might even contribute to this! I would be willing to, if, in turn, response rate on posts goes up… been speaking a lot into the void here, while support assured me that „everything gets read“. Whatever that means…

  • Manuel Oliveira
    Manuel Oliveira Admin Posts: 966
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    Hi @Felix Brumme and @Sven Amann_76110 , you make a very valid point and we are already looking into a way of making this happen as seamlessly as possible. In the meantime feel free to @ tag me in a conversation or feedback if you find feedback that needs attention :)