Hubspot + Pipedrive synchronization of double-opt-in

Hi community, hi support,

hope someone can provide me with some insights:

I'm using Hubspot for a while now. And I now started to use Pipedrive as well - just for the marketing automation.

I connected both with the sync tool provided by Hubstpot.

Everything works well and whenever Hubspot creates a new contact after a user sent a form, the same user will get created in Pipedrive. Unfortunately I can't find out how to synchronize the double-opt-in and/or Marketing Status. Because of the missing vistior's approve in PD, PD does not send marketing emails.

Can someone help how I can get this fixed and running?

Thank you so much in advance.

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    Hi @Donald Duck

    In this case, best if you can check with HubSpot on how this integration is set up. There should be an option to map certain fields to fields in Pipedrive, but not 100% sure how this is made available on the integration side.